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DeviceLock version 5.71 Build 85 released PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 June 2005 16:00

What's New in DeviceLock® 5.71 Build 85 (versus 5.7):

  • In DeviceLock Enterprise Manager you can now select computers from Active Directory organizational units (OUs).
  • Now permissions are working correctly for global groups.
DeviceLock version 5.71 released PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 May 2005 16:00

SmartLine Inc has once again expanded the DeviceLock® feature set to allow finer control over all the device ports and drives through which Windows users can upload and download from your network. DeviceLock’s audit capabilities also continue to get better. And, we keep working to make it easier for network administrators to deploy and manage our software.

DeviceLock version 5.7 released PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 31 January 2005 16:00

New in DeviceLock® 5.7 (versus 5.62):

  • Added the new function - Auditing. DeviceLock® can audit user's activity for a particular device type. This capability allows you to audit activities that belong to a certain user or user group. DeviceLock employs the standard event logging subsystem and writes audit records to the Windows event log so they can be read using any event viewer software (such as EventViewer) as well as with DeviceLock's built-in Audit Log Viewer.
Case Study: Triodos Bank Controls USB Risk with DeviceLock PDF Print E-mail

Triodos Bank was opened in 1980 in the Netherlands by a few visionary thinkers who believed that a bank focused on socially responsible investing would contribute to a healthier, more sustainable economy.  It attracted depositors and investors interested in financing only enterprises that add social, environmental and cultural value in fields such as renewable energy, social housing, complementary health care, fair trade, organic food and farming and social business. Today, Triodos Bank has grown to an institution of 250 employees, working in five locations in four countries, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, and Spain.  Many of its investments are found in the developing economies of Latin America, Asia, Africa and Central and East Europe.


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