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SentryBay Data Protection Suite

SentryBay’s Data Protection Suite (EntryProtect and PhishLock) adds an important layer of real-time protection to a company’s security infrastructure, augmenting endpoint anti-virus to provide protection against all spyware and phishing threats. It protects every keystroke entered by the user in real-time, preventing data/identity theft, thus preventing corporate and data breaches. It is "trained" on all the major brands targeted by phishing attacks enabling it to protect against even brand new phishing attacks. Also helps companies with PCI and red flag compliance requirements.






SentryBay’s Data Protection Suite comprises the market-leading EntryProtect and PhishLock solutions. These solutions neutralize two of the greatest threats to endpoint users of the internet: key logging and phishing. DeviceLock is an endpoint port-device control and data loss prevention (DLP) solution that enables network administrators to centrally control file activities through local computer ports and peripheral devices while also detecting and thwarting USB and PS/2 hardware-based key loggers, which is a natural extension to SentryBay’s protection against software-based key loggers with EntryProtect.

The SentryBay Data Protection Suite has the following features and benefits:

  • Protects against the 11 potential attack vectors which spyware use to steal data (including kernel level protection, window hook protection and screen capture protection)
  • Spyware either receive no data - or false data "fed" to it by the software
  • Provides pro-active phishing protection – being specifically trained on over 800 brands that are targeted in phishing attacks – including the company’s brand
  • Only software that can detect a phishing site on a protected brand from the second it is launched
  • Has no discernable effect on PC performance – very low overhead
  • Works alongside all firewall, anti-virus and other desktop security software – offering valuable real-time layer of protection
  • Provides more effective real-time protection than all other desktop security vendors such as McAfee, AVG, Norton etc.
  • All above aspects independently verified by West Coast Labs
  • No configuration required on user’s desktop – completely plug-and-play
  • Can be pushed down to user’s desktop in any manner desired by IT administrator
  • Updates are automatic and silent to the user (or can be co-ordinated by administrator, if desired)
  • Operates on Windows XP/Vista/7 – all service packs (32-bit systems, 64-bit support to be added Q2 2010)
  • Works on all browsers - with support for Microsoft Office and other major desktop software to be added in Q2 2010

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