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DriveCrypt PlusPack Enterprise Edition® by SecurStar

All encryption solutions available.    DriveCrypt PlusPack Enterprise Edition (DCPPE) provides affordable Whole Disk Encryption (WDE) with a centralized management console for enterprise configuration and policy management.  These features and benefits include transparent operation, AD user import, complex password policy enforcement, remote user password recovery, pre-boot token option for 2-level authentication, user-specific rights, single sign-on, remote disaster recovery, and more.

On a DCPPE + DeviceLock protected endpoint, DeviceLock can detect the DCPPE encryption used on removable media and use integration settings to ensure that only DCPPE-encrypted media can be used while also mitigating encrypted partition access (read/write/format) as desired.

Please indicate desired number of WDE-encrypted seats and level of support when inquiring on price.