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Monday, 13 June 2005 16:00

What's New in DeviceLock® 5.71 Build 85 (versus 5.7):

  • In DeviceLock Enterprise Manager you can now select computers from Active Directory organizational units (OUs).
  • Now permissions are working correctly for global groups.
  • Fixed issue with the DeviceLock driver. This caused BSOD with some versions of BlackBerry devices.
  • Eliminated the memory leak in DeviceLock Service on Windows 2000 Professional computers.
  • The minor bug in the "Report Permissions" function is fixed.


Existing customers that are within their one-year free maintenance period can use this new version without any fee!

Other customers can also receive an upgrade but for the additional fee.  If you want to purchase an upgrade, please e-mail us at sales (at) advancedforce.com. (Please delete the space before and after the "(at)" letters and also replace "(at)" with @ mark. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but these steps are necessary to help us avoid SPAM.)